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Landscape Design


Designing your space has never been so easy before. All you need to do is just sign-up for a design consultation with our expert designer and be at rest. Let’s dig deeper and find out how to curate your dream place at affordable price.

Meet our Designer

In order to get familiar with each other, you just need to fill up a form. The more we know you, the better we can give shape to your dream place. Once you share the details, the assigned designer will prepare a first-cut design presentation to give you an overall idea of how your dream place would look like. It would be like a nature escape that you’re longing for since ages.

In the next step, our team will send you a detailed estimation to help you understand the price-breakdown of the overall cost. If you like the approach, you can hireGreen headsby paying 10% advance (non-refundable) of the overall estimate.


Design & Visualization

The Design phase involves sitting with your designer for design and theme finalization. It may involve multiple rounds of iteration. Once the design is being finalized, you need to deep dive and plan out every inch of your floor.

3d Visualization

In order to better visualize your home, the designer will showcase how your dream place will exactly look with the detailed plants, water bodies-using HD 3D visualization tools and technology.

Material Selection and Detailed Drawing

The further process involves diving deep inside and selecting exact-plants, flowers, grass etc-and everything needed to make your place subtle yet stylish. Later, those 3D designs are converted to 2D tech drawings where exact height and spatial dimensions are taken.


Implementation & Quality Control

A project manager along with his army of experts will be assigned to implement the design of your place. Everything will be delivered on-site at a given time and the implementation team will work round the clock to complete all the installations as per the given deadline.

The later stage involves sending quality control team on-site to check and audit every aspect of the installation and the implementation.Now, we can say that your dream place is almost 95% ready to step in.


Bug list

Once you start your day to day-activities in your dream place, small bugs and fixtures are bound to happen. We would request you to make a list for the same so that we can send the snag team as early as possible.

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