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What Is Green Building? Benefits and Effects on the Environment and Humans

What exactly is Green Building?


Green building is a new approach for low energy buildings. Sustainable design and optimized structure for energy-efficient building designs is the need of an hour. Off late, more corporates are looking for green buildings. The global warming and high pollution rate has led to a new revolution in architecture.

The green architecture includes the use of sustainable materials. It also encourages the use of smart lighting. But, most necessarily, it promotes the use of proper architectural designs to improve more natural light and air circulation.

Due to increased corporate social responsibilities, there is a trend of carbon offsetting. It is nothing but a method of investing in lowering the carbon footprint of one’s organization. Green building can help reduce the carbon footprint. Many councils and Indian federations like IGBC promotes the concept of green building through various green building rating programs, certification services and other such regulations.

So, let’s understand more about its effects and benefits.

What are the effects and benefits of green buildings?

The human race has evolved to create urban jungles. According to National Geographic, 55% of the world’s population lives in metropolitan cities. This number will increase to 70% by 2050.

Conventional buildings are not designed ergonomically, keeping the environment in mind. It is the reason why a green building can make all the difference. It reduces maintenance costs by 20%. It helps the firm with a reduction of energy costs up to 25%. It also reduces water wastage by 11%.

Reduction in energy usage can help lower the carbon footprints of energy production. Low water usage means low energy usage for water pumping while the improved quality of air provides health benefits to humans residing inside green buildings.

One of the main motto behind green buildings is not just to improve human and building health but also positive contribution towards environment with easy available resources and eco-friendly building materials. The design should be build keeping in mind Most important factors such as natural lighting, ventilation and air circulation.

It also helps reduce the number of wastage that pollutes the land. Green buildings reduced the number of wastage in the US by 80 million tones. By 2030, green buildings can reduce the amount of wastage by 540 million tones.


Carbon offsetting and reduction of carbon footprints are getting normal among corporates. Many businesses offer such services. But, green buildings can not only help achieve better carbon offsetting but also increase your employee’s health. So, choose the best architecture service and create your building a green building!

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